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Agile Feature Cards


Feature cards help you to have the features of a project visible on your wall or on your white board and move them based on progress within an Agile Project Management Approach.

The cards are fully laminated (plastic) in order to allow you to reuse. You can write on them with a whiteboard marker and just wipe with a dry cloth, or even with a permanent market and erase with permanent marker cleaning fluid or with alcohol spirit.

With this pack you will receive 40 feature cards, one instructions card, a pack of sticking tack.

Feature Cards Tecorange
Kanban Feature Cards Tecorange
Price: €19.00

Website SEO Evaluation


Search engine optimization evaluation

TECOrange Website SEO Evaluation
Find out how SEO your site is, how to improve it, if needed. Services from Google Qualified Individual (we can even implement the changes for you). Service with only €700.00.

Website SEO Evaluation from Google Qualified Individual
Price: €700.00

Riverteams Deal Site and Teams Software as a Service (SaaS)


Deal and Teams Sites

Consumer Grouping Software

Hosted deal site

Groupon like site

Demo Sites :

Deal sites are an expanding trend. In these sites, business post various offers for products and services (mostly services) on extremely low prices because they mass sale (they expect to make this sale on many people). The offers are activated when a number of people show interest on them.

Riverteams Deal Software
Price: €804.00

my share bar facebook, twitter, google +1, mail, print and more buttons for web

Share Bar

Free social sharing

Share widget

My share bar allows you to add social media buttons like facebook, twitter, google +1, linkedin share button and more functionality like add to favorites and e-mail page for your visitors so to get more traffic.

Unlike other services, our service does not add popup advertisements to your site.

Visit the following link to customize your bar and add it to your site



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