Mobile - Responsive - Adaptive (the Terms, the User, the SEO)

I have found out that a lot of people have a somehow cloudy idea about what adaptive, responsive and mobile site/design is. First of all, for me, these terms have to do with more things than a website and not just with design. Even desktop applications may fall in these distinctions since different screen resolutions or platforms may be used. Complicated ERP or CRM systems are developed as a web browser solutions or as solutions available to many different devices.

Mobile - Responsive - Adaptive (the Terms, the User, the SEO)

Cost of Software

Over the time, the Cost of Software or how much a software product or a custom software development feature will cost has become one of the most challenging things to refer to. What is also true is that the cost of software is one of the most important factors (in many cases the most important one) when deciding if you do the software development and/or, after the delivery, when outcoming if this was a successful project or not.
Cost of Software

Effort Estimation for Software Development

Effort Estimation

Effort Estimation Methods

Efforts Estimation Best Practices

Effort Estimation Tools

Software effort estimation has been an important issue for almost everyone in software industry at some point. Below I will try to give some basic details on methods, best practices, common mistakes and available tools.

SEO evaluation, trust only human

SEO evaluation

Recently I had a new project to evaluate how SEO a web site was.

I decided this timetogive a better lookaround forthe free SEO online evaluation tools.

There are quite a few tools available promising SEO evaluation and I tried some of those.

SEO evaluation tools

I checked various websites and what I noticed is that none of them can give you the full picture.

simplified seo evaluation process model



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