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; Since we are on the web, we crated a website valuation tool. While you could examine any website as a business with the previous business value tool and estimation model, websites are somehow different. People sale and buy sites at amounts that someone would never give for an offline business with same financial. Also sites with no income at all and with no income prospects have been bought. So a different may needed in some cases especially when there is no big offline business behind. There are many “website value/worth calculators” but, to be honest, none looks on quality measures. Most of these tools are just spidering some stats around the web and give you some results. We created this tool since we couldn’t find anything similar around. We are also experienced consultants/financial and with SEM – SEM experts we put our knowledge to build a tool that gives a true estimation fot those that are one step before hiring an expert for site evaluation. The tool is online (nothing to download) free to use and no personal or site details needed.Note : There many diferent views on how to estimate the value of a web site. After a lot of research on the web, trying and reading a lot, and based on our experience we build this calculator. While there many calculators on the web most of them focus on quantity mesasures. While these are important can not ignore quality measures. Please not that this tool may not give a precise or realistic valuation of a site since it uses generic rules. To estimate the value or of a business the best thing is to use our Business Value Estimation Tool.We offer professional business valuation services. Contact us for details.

Instructions : Complete amounts without using comma, spaces, dots, just use numeric characters. In case of negative amounts add the minus sign “-“ in front of your number. Do not add spaces. Try to be honest with your forecasts. If you can not find exactly your match for some questions, try the closest one. You dont have to complete all fields but the more details you will complete the more accurate the result will be.


What age you think most of your visitors are:

What is the type of site you have (select closest match):
What is your Google Page Rank (if you dont know your Page Rank visit Google and search for a Page Rank Calculator. This number is something from 0 to 10) What is your Alexa Trafic Rank (visit Alexa and submit your domain name to find it) How many years your site is active (with todays form or an other but in same domain)
How much unique visitors you have per month If your site has members for any reason, how much members do you have Whats the average time a visitor spends in your site on a single visit (in seconds, if you have installed a statistics tool like analytics this information is there)
How much net profits you will have THIS year from your site (dont forget to subtract any expenses from your turnover) How much net profits you will have NEXT year from your site (dont forget to subtract any expenses from your turnover) How much costed your site (if you build it, think how much would you charge to build it, add the time/cost for adding necessary content. Ongoing content cost and marketing effort should be subtracted in previous field)
How many pages of unique content your site has Does your site has to do with pornography or gambling You think your site is search engine optimized
You think your domain name is related to your content You think your domain name is easy to rember Is your site friendly to mobile devices
Why are people mainly in your site

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