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Demo Sites : http://riverteams.gatory.com

Deal sites are an expanding trend. In these sites, business post various offers for products and services (mostly services) on extremely low prices because they mass sale (they expect to make this sale on many people). The offers are activated when a number of people show interest on them.

The business gets promotion since a large number of site members are notified about the offer and profits from the big amount of sales.

Consumers get products and services on very low prices.

Why someone would be interested in starting a deal - offers site?
Managing a site like this help someone learn about the site / country he lives (shops e.t.c.) and earn money as commission on sales, from advertisers on the web site, by charging for the use of the site. Deal sites generate millions globally. 

Rivereteams home page

Social Networks addons allows easy trafic creation

Why riverteams software?
Riverteams software takes one step forward any deal - offer site.

Riverteams software not only allows business to post offers but also consumers to create teams of buyers that may look for offers that have not been posted. The power of many people looking for the same thing allow these teams to accept very good offers on the products/services they are looking.

Also riverteams is build to run easily with low operational costs. Business post offers, admin just approves them. The software manages everything else.

Finally, riverteams software, uses an internal credit system so buyers of offers don’t pay the offer until they use it and also it does not takes a percentage of the business sales but just a small fee for every offer posted.

These makes a riverteams powered site the best choice for offer posters and buyers. 

Riverteams Profile Settings View

Everything can be managed from profile page.

How I can start my own riverteams powered site?
With us this is so simple. The software is Free (we don’t charge for it) but we want to protect our hard work on the software and also to help those running servers and putting effort and resources for that, so we don’t give out the source code.

You can use an opensource free script as alternative but nothing is even close to what riverteams software is doing. And offcource opensource just because of that has many security issues.

We offer riverteams software as a Service (SasS). What that means?

You pay a standard yearly fee for hosting, updates and support (as we said we don’t charge for the software). 

Riverteams Admin Panel

As administrator manage everything from your panel. Also affiliate and city partners management system ready!

We host the software on our servers in Europe or USA, you set the options of software, e.g. pricing and you are getting access to admin console also you will be able to change your sites design with our graphics pack.


Riverteams Deal and Teams Site
Hosted deal site software with innovative business model €480.00
Riverteams Deal and Teams Site


We do the setup, you have free e-mail support and free software updates that are automatically installed on your server. You keep all your profits. 


The minimum cost for running a riverteams site is 67 euros/month minimum 12 months contract and this includes everything, set up, hosting, support, updates!

So you can have one of the best deal and consumer site for your country or your city in less than a week for just 804 euros per year! 

Riverteams Team View

Teams are an exiting new feature that let users organize for best offers.

You can run your site as an official country partner. In this case you will have to present us a marketing plan. We expect official country partners have more than 5.000 members within the first week of operation. In this case your site will be hosted as a riverteams.com country sub domain and we will be in touch for various aspects.

As an unofficial riverteams site owner you set everything the way you like and we will host the software under the domain of your choice. Also you will be able to alter graphics. 

Riverteams internal messaging system

Internal messaging system plus mail alerts offer a new user experience and loyalty.

 Key features included in 12 months Riverteams Hosting Pack

With this simple and unique service we are offering everything you will need in order to run your own advanced deal and market teaming site entering a multi-million business market.

Riverteams Platform is:

  • Highly Customizable. You almost build your unique site
  • Profitable, social, exiting
  • Top functionality and innovative business model

Our 12 months Riverteams Hosting Pack includes

  • Set up
  • 12 months quality hosting
  • 12 months of e-mail priority support
  • 1 hour skype training session
  • Updates
  • Maintenance 

 Riverteams Payment Options

Accept not only paypal - credit cards but also deposits to your bank account.

How can I start?
First go at http://riverteams.gatory.com, test the software, have a look at the national sites that are there. Once you are happy with that, use the button below to order your site.

For payments we use PayPal the biggest and safest online payment service (for more information on PayPal check www.paypal.com). For payment with wire transfer, bank deposit please contact us.

At the cost of a good hosting pack you can start your own very profitable and exiting business.

You can have your own riverteams site same day!

We run the support forums so your users get a first level of support from there.

Riverteams is build to be mobile devices friendly and also is a facebook application (intgraded facebook support).

Riverteams support and installation services are open 7 days a week, so you can start even saturday night!).

Thank you for your interest!

Price: 480.00 EUR

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