Effort / Cost Estimation Mobile Application

Effort, Cost Estimation for software development"Effort Estimation Mobile Application can be used by sales people, developers, designers, project managers and actually anyone that can capture basic requirements. Its a tool that everyone should have."

  • Easy to use, feel comfortable from first minute
  • Accepts easy to understand and capture inputs, a tool not only for Developers or IT Experts
  • Optimized Algorithm for Web and Mobile Projects
  • Save Projects for Future Reference
  • E-mail Estimations
  • Easily Calibrate the Model to fit your needs
  • Instructions in input screens
  • Includes usage instructions and example cases
  • Uses local storage, data are stored in your browser-computer-mobile device
  • Works Offline
  • W3C Validated HTML5, CSS

Effort Estimation Mobile Tool was built in order to give technical and non-technical people fast accurate effort estimations without having to complete complex forms and models. Effort Estimation Mobile Application can be used by sales people, developers, designers, project managers and actually anyone that can capture basic requirements.

Since it's a mobile app, you can do effort estimation on the go or just in the requirements meeting. It can be used at early project stages, when not many details are available, and doesn't require full and detailed analysis.

The tool was developed by Spyros Ktenas


  • You can estimate the effort for a website or a mobile application. You can e-mail you estimation results and inputs and, also, save them locally. No internet connection is required for the application to work.
  • In addition, Effort Estimation Mobile Tool may give you not only the effort but also a basic time-plan for your project.
  • You can calibrate the model based on your development, design, testing and pm velocity in order to get even more accurate results that will fit your distinctive business.
  • Mobile effort estimation covers native or cross platform development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

How it Works
It is built to be simple and easy to be used by almost everyone.

The basic philosophy behind the model comes from project sizing of COCOMO II model (while the formula has been completely modified to make it easier to use and also to give more accurate results specifically for web and mobile projects), web and mobile analogies and latest production tools availability and development practices. The algorithm used in this application has been checked over a number of modern web and mobile projects.

You just have to input things that most people in IT and IT related positions can understand like number of screens, templates, team familiarity, number of services, basic complexity etc.

We assume that for every project you have one designer and one developer. If one person does both in your project, do not select “Optimized” development.

For web sites we assume that you use a modern CMS.

For mobile applications you can include in the mobile project the creation of web services that might be used in order to have the application up and running. If the project requires a complex back end or a web site, you can estimate this part as a web site.

If the result for the effort estimation is less than 5 days, the tool will not give you an estimate. You really shouldn’t need a tool to estimate a project of less than 5 days.

After estimating a project, track the real time it took you to complete. Over the time calibrate the model to have more accurate estimations based on your specific building speed.

Project time plan assumes full time working on the project in a 5 days week.

Example Cases

Below there are 2 examples of customer requirements (1 for web site and 1 for mobile application) in order to help you understand, if you are not familiar with the process, how to get the inputs for the effort estimation.

Case 1: We want a company web site that will present company products, company profile, company services, a newsletter, a blog, a contact form with contact details, social media sharing, XML site map. Also, we want to use an external service to present stock market price for the company and market related RSS news feeds.

Effort Estimation Tool Inputs:

Number of Templates: We have the home page template, the profile page, products template, services template, blog template and contact form, a list template to show list of products or services. So we have 7 basic templates.

Content Types: We have home page content, services, profile content, products and blog posts. So we have about 5 content types.

We will use one service to show stock market value.

We assume that there is a ready to use module for newsletter and a ready to use module that creates XML site map from CMS content, so we have 2 ready to use modules.

We assume that we are to develop a module to show RSS feed in home page with fewer details and full details in a dedicated page and we will also develop another module for sharing content in social media. We will develop 2 simple modules.

This project has no complex internal calculations, flows; it is generally considered a simple project. Also, if all that we have to give for documentation is a high level time plan and brief manual, it is considered a project with minimum PM documentation.

Case 2: We need an application that will show latest company news, will present company offers, will allow user to find directions and map to our offices, will also show contact details. We also want to include Social sharing and we want to allow users to register and see within the app custom offers based on their buying history. We want to have the app for iOS and Android and we will build native applications.

Effort Estimation Tool Inputs:

Number of Screens: We will have a splash screen, a home screen with latest offers and company news, a map screen with contact details, a screen with details for specific offers, a registration and login screen and a custom offers screen. These are 6 screens.

We will store locally only offices locations, so we have 1 local content type.

We will use web services to get latest news, offers, user login and registration and custom offers. So we will use 4 services.

We assume that we will build only 2 of these services since the rest are already built for other applications.

We have 1 advanced function that will load office map and give direction with GPS use to the user.

If we assume that all data arrive ready for presentation from services (e.g. we don't have to calculate the custom offers) then we don't have internal calculations and flows. We consider this a simple project.

Since the customer requires analysis document, reporting on weekly base, test cases document plus detailed user manual and detailed time plan, we consider this as a project with full PM documentation.

How to Get Support For This Tool
If you have questions or issues with this tool please visit http://softwareforums.tecorange.com/ or contact us for e-mail support.

Thank you very much for using Effort Estimation Mobile Tool :)


Price: 10.00 EUR

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"Effort Estimation Mobile Application can be used by sales people, developers, designers, project managers and actually anyone that can capture basic requirements. It is a tool that everyone should have."

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