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OrangeDeals - Pages As a connector in your town you will have to spread the idea of what this site is and help your city win out of this.

There no obligations and we share 50% of all income (and we are talking of income and not profits so you earna more) with our city connectors. As a city connectors you are also learning better your city, you talk with people for something everybady is interested for and you win money but just registering members using you link in your profile page.

If you are interested, become register as a member and return to this page to see receive detailed instructions and information in your e-mail. If you allready registered and loged in click the link below and withn a few seconds you will have verything you need in the e-mail you used for registration.

Within a few minutes you can become the connector in your city!

Thank you for your interest!

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