Claroline Certificate Print Mod

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Claroline print certicate example

Modification to Claroline 1.11.3 e-learning platform (LMS) that allows users to print certificate after completing an exercise.

This has been tested with Caroline version 1.11.3 but should work for other versions as well.
Support - Custom Work
For custom work pleasecontact us.
Replace your existing track_exercise_details.php that is located in claroline/exercise folder with the file you have download. We have set a pass rate of 80% in order to show to the users the print certificate function.
You can change this by editing track_exercise_details.php. Search for $exam_pass_rate_per_cent=80; and replace the number. If you set this number to 0 all users, no matter what score they have, will see print certificate function. If you set it above 100 none will see this function. With 100 all questions should be correct for the user in order to be able to see and print certificate.
You don't have to change anything else in this file.
Read read_me.html in the folder you will download for more information.
For users in order to print their certificates they just have to view their exercise results (if they have passed). They have to click "exercises" then "My Results" and then select the exercise submission of interest.
This script-modification provided as is without any kind of warranty.
Thank you for your interest.

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